Early diagnostics of heart disease

Cardiomox, a pioneer in heart disease diagnostics, proposes a novel medical approach for early diagnosis of heart conditions. Building on along history in clinical research on Magnetocardiography (MCG) in conjunction with intelligent software developments, Cardiomox is bringing to the market a very sensitive and non-invasive solution to enable rapid and accurate diagnostic of cardiac conditions such as myocardial ischemia and arrhythmia.

Pioneering diagnostic innovation in Cardiology

Functional imaging

Providing detailed electrophysiological physiological maps of the heart for a robust diagnostic procedure at an early stage of disease.

Rapid and Safe

Our simple and non-invasive procedure is performed without contact to the patient allowing rapid (10 min) patient processing.

Robust Diagnosis Aid

With the unique supporting intelligent and user friendly software, Cardiomox’s innovation provides a robust functional diagnosis.


Our technology was developed with world leading scientific experts in magnetocardiography (MCG) to detect of the heart’s magnetic flux and currents. 

AI-supported diagnostic tool

Cardiomox’s innovative approach to data processing offers a powerful intelligent software package providing a robust pre-diagnosis for cardiologists.