Fast Diagnosis.

High Sensitivity.

Cost Effective. 

"Cardiovascular diseases are the number 1 cause of deaths globally"

"17.7 million people die every year from cardiovascular diseases – That's 31% of all global deaths"

7.4 million people died from coronary artery disease. Early detection and management are urgently in needs. World Health Organization (WHO), 2018

Myocardium Visualization

SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device) allows for high sensitivity and specificity

Rapid and Accurate

Scan can complete within 10 minutes, making it practical as part of routine care/screening. 


A non-invasive in-office procedure MCG is less costly than many other diagnostic modalities

Cardiomox MCG 9

Cardiomox MCG 9 provides the most cost-effective method to deliver high sensitive diagnostic measurement, while decreasing both the diagnostic time and costs.

Cardiomagscan V

The autonomic analysis software enables to analyze the myocardium electro-physiological parameters, providing quick results for heart abnormality allowing for faster diagnostics. 

The Oxford Science Park

We are based in the Oxford Science Park– one of the UK’s leading centres for growth in research-led employment, and Oxford’s most dedicated location for success. On the site, we provides a dedicated, staffed clinical research environment with particular expertise in cardiography imaging. 


Cardiomox devices led to an increased and better visualization of cardiac electrophysiological charactristics in a routine clinical setting. Their wide applications have attracted many health care providers and established in several clinical settings. 


MCG is the most innovative technology upto date, providing more affordable, non-invasive and safer diagnostic method than ever. Learn how our MCG is able to deliver a sensitive clinical evaluation on patients in just a matter of a few minutes. 


Our team has been exploring the application of MCG in clinical environment for long time, and has achieved significant cases of patients test results, strongly proving the clinical applications of MCG. More about our team: