For patients the procedure is simple, fast and stress-free. Patient remain fully clothed as no preparation is required.


With this technique patients can be processed within 10 min and an AI-supported diagnosis can be given by the cardiologist within minutes. 


The device measures the heart magnetic field. With no chemicals and no radiations required, our procedure is safe and can be repeated without restrictions. This is particularly useful for long-term patient care.


Cardiomox’s device mesures the electrophysiological state of the patients’ cardiac muscle cells and dynamically monitors the momentum of the currents.

Improved patient outcome

With a pioneering AI-driven software to analyse the data, you can give patients a quick diagnosis. As Cardiomox’s device is so sensitive, abnormal electrophysiological perturbations symptomatic of cardiac conditions can be detected at an early stage of the disease. With an early diagnosis, the device allows cardiologists to improve their patients’ care, treatment and outcomes without further MRIs or angiograms.


Better patient experience

With a fast, non-invasive and painless procedure preformed at rest, the examination is rapid and without lengthy preparation; reducing both stress and risk of complications. For most heart conditions, the test is so sensitive it can be performed at rest rather than under exercise, which saves time but more importantly improves patient experience. 

Faster patient turnaround

Cardiomox’s device is ideal for a clinical setting. With a single scan performed in less than 10 minutes, operators can evaluate at least 20 patients a day and provide a functional diagnostic guide for the cardiologist within minutes.


Greater efficiency

Our innovation provides effective screening differentiating cardiac from non-cardiac diseases and assessing their severity. For example is provides a reliable diagnostic for myocardial ischemia, arrythmia, coronary artery disease etc.  Furthermore, it reduces the need for further  invasive and expensive diagnostic procedures such as angiography and  MRI. 

Cardiology patient’s comments

  • I found the procedure less stressful than MRI, mainly because it did not feel claustrophobic and also because the machine was silent during the test.  

    Cardiomox MCG-9 test patient