Innovation Pioneers

Company History

Oxford Cardiomox is an UK-based high-tech company focused on developing pioneering medical devices and software for non-invasive heart disease diagnosis.

Their research has enabled them to manufacture a new generation of magnetocardiography (MCG) medical devices with the extremely sensitive superconductor quantum interference device (SQUID) sensors to map the very weak bio-magnetic signals in the thorax in an unshielded hospital environment without any contact with patients.

By developing and implementing innovative physical and computational methods, Oxford Cardiomox is able to generate current density vector maps to image the heart’s electrophysiological state, more specifically the perturbation in the heart’s magnetic field, symptomatic of cardiac disease.

With a strong history in the application of MCG in a clinical setting, Oxford Cardiomox’s technology has an established track record in providing diagnostics for patients, demonstrating the power of MCG as a new revolutionary method in cardiology.


Cardiomox Team


Dr. Wenming Ji 


CEO, Director, PhD in Bioengineering, with extensive experience in academia and industry particularly in the field of innovation in science & technology. He has a successful managerial track record in product development and project management both in the UK and China.


Dr. Illya Chaykovskyy

Academic Founder

Founder, Director and Chief Medical Officer, Medical Doctor, Cardiologist, PhD (University Duisburg-Essen, Germany) Clinician and MCG Expert. He is an expert in MCG clinical research as shown by his publications record in this field. 


Dr. volodymyr Sosnytskyy

Academic Founder

Founder, Director and Chief Scientific Officer, PhD in Engineering, renowned expert in the creation of supersensitive magnetometers based on SQUID detectors. He has worked on MCG technology for 30 years. Winner of the State Prize of Ukraine (2007).


Dr. Pavlo Sutkovyi

Senior Electronics Engineer

Expert in cryoelectronics, RF electronics, automations, thin film technology and sensory designs as shown by his publications. He has worked with the scientific team for many years making continuous contributions to the technology behind magnetocardiography devices.


Dr. Yuriy Minov

Senior Cryogenic Engineer

An expert specialised in superconductive electronics and SQUID, including magnetometry, biomagnetic technique, magnetocardiography, cryoelectronic and cryogenic measuring systems. His knowlegde in electrical engineering has been key for the development of Cardiomox’s MCG device.


Mr. Xie Feng


Oxford-educated engineer with extensive business experience in the medical device sector. As an investor, he has taken part in many ventures including Oxford Endovascular Ltd, a spin out from Oxford University. He is also the co-founder of Oxford University Innovation in China.