Patents Oxford Cardiomox

 The inventors have filed four key patent applications. These filings were made in 2011-2012 and are all  the at PCT stage.

Cardiomox is the exclusive licensee of those patents globally. 

Method and Device for Evaluation of Myocardium Damages Based on the Current Density Variations

Applicants: Illya Chaykovskyy

Publication Number: WO2014011135

PCT Application Number: PCT/UA2012/000083

Priority Date: 13/07/2012

Granted Countries: UkraineEU, US, China, and Japan

Device for Compensating Electromagnetic Interferences During Biomagnetic Measurements

Applicants: Volodymyr Sosnytskyy, Yurii Minov and Mykola Budnyk

Publication Number: WO2013115749

PCT Application Number: PCT/UA2012/000049

Priority Date: 02/02/2012

Granted Countries: Ukraine, US, ChinaJapan, EU pending

Method For Measuring the QT, QRS and ST-T-Intervals of the Cardio Cycle and Device for the Method

Applicants: Volodymyr Sonsnytskky and Tayisiya Sosnytska

Publication Number: WO2012150913

PCT Application Number: PCT/UA2012/000047

Priority Date: 04/05/2011

Granted Countries: Ukraine, and EU (Pending)

Device For Screening a Touch-Sensitive Magnetocardiograph Unit

Applicants: Volodymyr Sosnytskyy & Pavlo Sutkovyi

Publication Number: WO2012141670

PCT Application Number: PCT/UA2012/000041

Priority Date: 11/04/2011

Granted Countries: Ukraine and EU